The tragedy of an Egyptian child suffering from a rare disease that dissolves his body


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An Egyptian mother revealed the suffering of her child with a rare disease, pointing to her bitter journey among doctors, in her quest to reach her son’s treatment.

According to what the newspaper “Al-Watan” reported, the Egyptian child, Mustafa, “suffered all days of suffering and pain, as a result of a disease that afflicted him for years, as he did not wear the dress of wellness since he suffered from a rare disease with which his body does not respond to food and drink, and he is in pain from hunger and has not tasted the taste of comfort.” Until recently, his facial features changed and his body became emaciated.

While the child’s mother, Zainab Mohab, said that she had noticed since the birth of her child and noticed that there was something abnormal about his health, after doctors advised him to enter the nursery, but she did not discover the truth about his illness until he was two years old.

The newspaper quoted the mother as saying: “After Mustafas birth, we discovered his suffering, but we did not know what he had when he was booked in the nursery, and we knew when he was two years old,” noting that “I decided to travel abroad until I learned that he suffers from a severe lack of oxygen.”

And she added: “I traveled with him to England and Hungary, and they said that he would not walk and would not be able to pronounce because of the affected walking and speech centers. We knew when he was two years old that he was suffering from a lack of oxygen,” noting that “she did not leave a doctor except and offered him Mustafa, who has been receiving treatment for years.” But to no avail, because they did not know the truth of the disease at first.”

Zainab continued, “I had to resign from my job and said there is nothing impossible, and frustration will not help me in need, and I focused all the time on the treatment sessions that he undergoes for 12 hours a day.”

After consulting several doctors, the mother reached the beginning of the way to treat her son, after she learned that he had a disease “small intestine bacterial overgrowth”, known as “SIBO”, which caused him to paralysis in the digestive system, explaining that her son’s condition “can only be treated.” Gastrointestinal transplantation.

And she continued: “Mustafa said, for a while, he sits at home, does not move, does not walk, does not stand, and suffers from severe pain, and his whole body is bed sores.”

The mother explained, “He looks much younger than his age, and Biban is 7 years old, although he is 17 years old..At the moment, he suffers from a case of false obstruction in the abdomen that appears and goes away, and the inability to swallow, and the body also does not absorb food, and within 5 months there was a change Big in weight, shape and subject, Beyazid,” noting that “according to medical reports, the child needs urgent surgery in order to transplant a digestive system after he underwent one to remove his colon after he had gangrene.”

And she continued, “His condition in the last five months has deteriorated greatly, and the operation has cost a lot.”


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