The truth about the death of the Kuwaiti media, Amina Al-Sharrah


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Today, in Kuwait, Amina Abdul Rahman Al-Sharrah passed away.

The deceased is not the well-known broadcaster, as the media community fell into confusion due to the similarity of the two names.

And Kuwaiti media announced, this morning, Saturday, the death of the media, Amina Al-Sharrah. Many pioneers of social networking sites interacted with the news of the death, before the media reported that the names were similar.

Umniah Al-Sharrah is a prominent Kuwaiti journalist, born in 1948.

Al-Sharrah received her education in the Kuwaiti capital, and then began her work in one of the hospitals in Kuwait City, Al-Sabah Hospital, which paved the way for her to pursue a career in the media field.

While Umniah Al-Sharrah was working at Al-Sabah Hospital, “Abu Jassoum Band” visited the hospital, and her co-worker, actress Hayat Al-Feh, was there. Abu Jassoum asked them who of them wanted to work in acting, and she answered that she wanted to be a broadcaster and that Hayat Al-Fahd wanted to be an actress. Abu Jassoum asked if her family agreed and told her that he would return after a while to the hospital to find out the answer. After that, she worked as a broadcaster on Kuwait TV and was one of the most famous announcers in the seventies of the twentieth century.

Umniah al-Sharrah stopped presenting on television in the late 1980s.

– Journalist Amina Al-Sharrah announced her resignation from the media in 1991, for special reasons that she has not announced after 27 years of media activity, and her absence formed a void in her audience.


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