The US Senate rejects a bill to impose sanctions against “North Stream 2”


US Senate rejects bill to impose sanctions against


Patrick Semansky

The US Senate has rejected a sanctions bill against “North Stream 2” to pump Russian gas to Germany, which was submitted by Republican Senator Ted Cruz.

The bill did not get the 60 votes needed to pass the bill.

Ted Cruz had suggested imposing sanctions on the project within 15 days after launching its work. The bill also provided for the possibility of voting for it for the second time in the event that President Joe Biden did not sign it.

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The US Senate is voting today on the anti-sanctions bill

The US administration has opposed the bill, and has expressed concerns that those sanctions could undermine the unity of European allies.

It should be noted that the “North Stream 2” to pump Russian gas to Germany through the Baltic Sea was completed last September, and is now awaiting the completion of the legal procedures of the German authorities to start its operation.

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