The weather tomorrow .. Meteorology reveals a surprise about the weather: the windows must be closed well


weather condition Tomorrow, the Meteorological Authority revealed that the latest satellite images indicate low and medium clouds on separate areas of the northern coasts, Lower Egypt and the Delta, accompanied by rainfall of varying intensity, extending light to areas from Greater Cairo and southern Upper Egypt, and winds that increase Feeling of cold weather.

Meteorology and tomorrow’s weather

The Meteorological Authority stated that the weather is cold on the northern coasts to northern Upper Egypt, very cold throughout the night, and reaches the point of frost in areas of Sinai, and snow is forming here..

And she continued, “There are chances of light to medium rain falling on the northern coasts, Lower Egypt and Cairo, and it decreases as we go inland, and it does not affect daily activities.”:.

She confirmed that there is wind activity that helps to feel a further decrease in the temperature, which records 15 to 16 degrees over Cairo.

And the official page of the Meteorological Authority issued a warning, in which it said, “Please do not leave the house unless necessary, starting from now until tomorrow morning.”“.

Cairo now records 4° (very cold weather), while Saint Catherine records -6° (very cold weather)..

The Meteorological Authority demanded the following:

1Please close the windows carefully.

2- Please drink warm fluids.

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