The wife of his friend’s victim in October: I wrote a report of absence and was surprised to find his body


The killer of his friend in the city of October 6, confessed to committing the crime, after a verbal altercation erupted between them, which developed into a quarrel, inside his apartment. He rushed to get a kitchen knife and stabbed him, killing him.

The accused conducted a video inspection of how he committed the crime, and instructed about the weapon used in the accident. The detectives listened to the statements of the victim’s wife, who stated that family disputes prompted her husband to leave the marital home in the pyramid, and after the communication with him was interrupted after his absence, she went to the pyramid police station, and filed a report of his absence, but she was then surprised to inform her of her husband’s death, and his body was found in pieces in the city of October 6 .

An unemployed man ended his friend’s life, cut his body, and disposed of it in the garbage, in the 6th of October City. The detectives managed to arrest the accused, issued a report on the incident, and notified the competent prosecution to investigate.

Within the framework of the efforts of the Ministry of Interior’s agencies to reveal the circumstances of what was reported to the Police Department of the First of October in the Giza Security Directorate on the 15th of the current year, two plastic bags (at a garbage collection point) were found with human parts (arms – palms of the hand), and on the 16th of the current Human parts (legs) were found inside a plastic bag on a piece of vacant land in the department’s circle.

A research team was formed headed by the Public Security Sector, headed by Major General Alaa El-Din Selim, Assistant Minister of Interior for Public Security, and with the participation of the security services in Giza. His efforts resulted in identifying the victim and it was found that he (has a license – has criminal information – resides in the Al-Ahram Police Department Department). Investigations also found that there were differences between the victim and his wife, as a result of which he left the marital home and residence with his friend (without work – he has criminal information) in an apartment located in the Police Department of the third of October, and that the latter was behind the commission of the incident.

After legalizing the procedures, he was targeted and could be arrested, and by confronting him, he confessed to committing the incident, and admitted that he and the victim were drug users. About a week ago, when they were in the apartment alone, a dispute arose between them that developed into a quarrel during which the accused assaulted the victim with a white weapon “knife”, causing him to be stabbed several times in the chest. He took his life.

He added that after that, he put the body of the victim on him in the bathroom and left it for two days, rented an iron missile and cut it into pieces and threw it in separate places in the department’s circle, and seized (his mobile phone, his handbag and his personal belongings inside), and he also instructed (the tool used, the victim’s belongings). , ruined suitcase), was also shown on a part of the rest of the body in one of the abandoned apartments in the department circle.

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