The World Health Organization warns against the “misdescription” of the Omicron mutant


The Director-General of the World Health Organization pointed out Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, that the record numbers of infections with the new mutation from COVID-19 Rapidly moving and spreading, it means that hospitals are under severe stress.

He said at a press conference: “It seems that Omicron Indeed, it is less dangerous compared to the delta mutant, especially in vaccinated people, this does not mean that it should be classified as mild,” adding: “As the previous mutant did, Omicron leads to people entering hospitals and killing people.”

And he continued, “In fact, the tsunami of injuries is so huge and so fast that it overwhelms health systems around the world.”

Last week, the World Health Organization reported 9.5 million new cases of COVID-19, a record 71 percent higher than the previous week’s tally.

But even these numbers are less than the actual numbers, according to Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, because they do not reflect the decrease in the number of examinations during the Christmas and New Year holidays, unrecorded positive self-test results and cases not recorded by overburdened surveillance systems.

Tedros used his first speech in 2022 to criticize the rich countries’ monopoly of available vaccine doses last year, saying that this created a fertile ground for the emergence of mutants of the virus.

He called the world to share and distribute Vaccines More equitably in 2022 with the goal of ending the “death and destruction” caused by COVID-19.

Tedros hopes that 70 percent of each country’s population will receive the COVID-19 vaccine by mid-2022.

But if the vaccination rate remains the same, 109 countries will not achieve this goal.

“Unequal access to the vaccine is killing people and jobs and undermining the global economic recovery,” he said, adding that “administering booster doses of the vaccine one by one in a small number of countries will not end a pandemic while billions of people are still not fully immunized.”

The technical responsible for Covid-19 indicated in World Health Organization Maria Van Kerkhove notes that it is “unlikely” that another omicron mutant will be of concern before the pandemic is over.

She called on people to intensify the measures they were taking to protect themselves previously from the virus.

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