They killed his sister’s husband.. Haddad’s papers and his wife were referred to the Mufti in Kafr al-Sheikh


10:28 PM

Monday 10 January 2022

Kafr El-Sheikh – Islam Ammar:

Today, Monday, the Fouh Criminal Court (third circuit) in Kafr El-Sheikh decided, in presence and unanimously, to refer Haddad and his wife’s papers to the Mufti of Egypt regarding taking his legal opinion on the death penalty for what was attributed to them for killing the husband of the sister of the first accused in Desouq, and the court set a session on March 15, 2022. , to pronounce judgment.

The court’s decision was issued under the chairmanship of Counselor Abdel Moneim El-Shennawy, president of the court and the circuit, and the membership of counselors Muhammad Al-Murr, Khaled Jaafar, and Ibrahim Gomaa’s secretariat.

The details of the incident came back when the security services of Bandar Desouq Police Department received a report that “Huda.M,” 55 years old, a housewife, and who lives in Omaira neighborhood, in the city of Desouk, found her husband, “Mohammed.M.,” 59 years old, a driver, handcuffed and drowned. His blood, and the scars of wounds to the head in their home.

Brigadier General Ahmed Sakran, Head of the Criminal Investigation Branch in West Kafr El-Sheikh, accompanied by the officers of the Bandar Desouq Police Department and the Criminal Investigation Branch, moved to the location of the incident in question, to examine the report and inspect the crime scene.

By asking his wife mentioned, she stated that while returning from her mother’s house, to her previous stay there, she found her husband covered in his blood, and tied with ropes to some of the furniture of the house, according to what she explained in her communication, while she reported that there were no problems between him and others that made them take revenge on him by killing him in that situation.

The policemen’s efforts revealed that Samir S., 39, a Haddad, and his wife, Najlaa F., 37, a housewife, and they reside in the city of Desouk, were behind the incident, due to differences between the first accused and the victim, his sister’s husband, due to his claim. them to pay him a sum of money.

Investigations revealed that the first accused, always borrowed from the victim, and the last time the accused borrowed, in exchange for signing trust receipts, and his wife, the second accused, signed trust receipts as a guarantor for her husband, and after the date of the debt repayment approached, they defaulted, which made the victim demand them amount, and waving their complaint receipts of the Secretariat.

Investigations indicated that on the day of the incident, the first accused agreed with his wife, the second accused, and they resolved to get rid of the victim, steal the trust receipts to miss the opportunity for him with their complaint, and went to his house, taking advantage of the absence of his wife, the sister of the first accused, to stay in her mother’s house, and during isolation. They surprised him by documenting him with ropes in the apartment furniture.

Investigations also indicated that the first accused assaulted the victim by hitting his head with a sharp “iron” instrument, and after confirming his death, they stole their trust receipts, and fled to hide in a place in the Cairo governorate.

A security campaign was formed and headed to Cairo Governorate, after determining the whereabouts of the accused and his wife, and they were able to arrest them. to the victim.

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