This artist married a dancer and cried on the night of the wedding after he knew her secret and died with the Quran in his hand!


Every great artist is considered an important sign in street art. When the artist writes his history, he records without realizing a part of art history.

And when this artist is of the size and talent of the late artist Shukri Sarhan, we must take a pause of respect.

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The title of “Screen Boy” and known to many in the role of “Jaber Al-Sharqawi” in the movie “The Great Bean of China”. He received the State Medal from the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser, and the Best Actor Award eight times. He married a famous dancer for two years and cried on their wedding day and their separation. Harassment With a famous actress during the filming of his movie “The Criminal”.

His full name is Muhammad Shukri Al-Husseini Sarhan. He was born in the village of Al-Ghar in the Sharkia Governorate on March 13, 1925. He then moved to the Helmeya neighborhood in Cairo. He belongs to an artistic family. He is the brother of theatrical actor Salah Sarhan and his other brother is the artist Sami Sarhan.

He graduated from the Higher Institute of Acting “currently theatrical arts” in 1947, then started his first steps by acting in the technical troupe at the Ibrahimia School until he presented his first films through the movie “Paradise and Fire” and then participated in his second work through the movie “Nadia” and then his works continued cinematic.

His real breakthrough was through the movie “Ibn El-Nil” in 1951, and he presented nearly 150 films, among which his most famous films are “The Path of Al-Mahabeel”, “A Woman’s Youth”, “The Dead End”, “The Night of the Arrest of Fatima”, “Al-Bostaji” and “The Valley”. Yellow,” “Prison of Virgins,” “Something in My Chest,” “My Heart is on My Child,” “The World Didn’t Laugh,” “April Fools,” “Raya and Sakina,” “Houses are Secrets,” and “A Woman from Cairo” A Love Journey.

He participated in many series that left a strong imprint on the audience, including, Amr Ibn Al-Aas, The King of the Lottery, Mashrabiya, Days of Torment, The Man Who Lost His Memory Twice, Tears of Candles, Bint Battuta, the Death of an Innocent Bird, Unextinguishable Candles, River Springs, and many other works.

He received many awards, the most important of which was the State Medal from the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser, the Best Actor Award eight times for his famous films such as The Thief, The Dogs, Youth of a Woman, The Second Wife, Al-Nadaha and others, the Best Actor from the Asian-African Festival for his role in the movie “Qais and Laila”, honoring him From the Cairo International Film Festival for the entirety of his career, yet he lived oppressed and died oppressed and did not receive media attention like other stars.

What many do not know is that Shukri Sarhan married twice, the first time to the Armenian retired dancer Hermine in 1952, who participated in many films, including “The Bridegroom of My Woman”, “Spring of Love” and “Al-Saad Waad”. She lived in Alexandria and began her belly dancing career in stages of her childhood.

Hermine said in one of her television interviews, that she had only married once in her life to the actor Shukri Sarhan, and despite his family’s rejection of that marriage, he insisted on their marriage, stressing that he kept crying on their wedding night after he was surprised that she was still a virgin and after two years of marriage they separated because of Incompatibility of ideas between them.

He married for the second time to Mrs. Nariman Abbas Auf, and the second marriage resulted in two sons, Yahya Shukri Sarhan, who works as an ambassador in Australia and is married to an Australian. The second is Salah Shukri Sarhan, an actor and author who died in 2014 at the age of 49.

Director Kamal Attia revealed in his personal study behind the scenes of the movie “The Criminal” in 1954, which he was directing, that Shukri Sarhan tried to get close to Samira Ahmed, and according to the story of the film, a love relationship develops between the two, and in one of the romantic scenes, Sarhan did not adhere to the director’s instructions.

In the scene, the two lovers were supposed to exchange lover glances, then Shukri Sarhan would place a kiss on Samira Ahmed’s forehead, but decided to improvise and hug Samira trying to kiss her. Act logically.” But Kamal Attia was not convinced and canceled the romantic scene because she had previously complained about Shukri’s personal behavior with her.

Shukri Sarhan went to director Kamal Attia, and said that he was doing so in good faith because he wanted to approach her in marrying her, and the response came immediately from the director, who called on Samira Ahmed, saying: “Please tell the professor that you are already married.”

The screen boy retired from the world of art and moved away from acting in 1991, and directed his life to reading and memorizing the Holy Qur’an, and on March 29, 1997 he left our world with the Qur’an in his hands at the age of 72 years.

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