This charming actress, no one could withstand her beauty when she was a teenager.. King Farouk fell in love with her and drove her away from Egypt because she rejected him and madly loved Rushdi Abaza!.


There are many women in his life; Among his five marriages, his female relations were numerous. He is the darling of women, “Dingwan Egyptian Cinema,” Rushdi Abaza, who has the most attractive smile among the artists of his generation; His numerous film roles, some of which reflected part of his life; He is the lover, the dreamer, the lover.

In an interview with Al-Mawd magazine published in 1979, “Rushdi Abaza” spoke about the first love of his life, describing the French singer “Annie Brier”, whom he loved at the age of 19, as “female in every sense of the word”, and said in his dialogue about her: “She wanted me to stay A man when I love, and I remember that when I started the journey of love with her, she said words to me that I will never forget, and there is nothing deeper than them in portraying the feeling of a woman.

She said to me: O Rushdie, if the day comes and you are angry at me or hate me, all I ask of you is to enter wherever I am and beat me in front of people with all cruelty, even if you have to take off your shoes and throw it at me, do this. But do not take revenge on me by entering upon me or letting me see you while you are holding the arm of a woman other than me.”

He added, “I had a great love for her, and I called her pure…because she was really pure, but it only lasted eight months, then King Farouk expelled her from Egypt because he loved her, and she refused his love.”


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