This is Liverpool’s response to the renewal of Mohamed Salah’s contract.. He asked for this salary


Liverpool Football Club continues talks with the Egyptian star’s agent Mohamed Salah About renewing his contract, which expires in 2023.

While reports indicate that the talks are very long and complicated regarding the terms of the contract and the salary that Salah is asking, the soccer news site, Soccer, said that there is no progress in talks about the new contract due to the high wage that Salah is asking for.

According to the English newspaper, The Mirror, Salah is asking the club’s management 400,000 euros as a weekly wage. Salah does not believe his financial claims are exaggerated.

Salah’s salary is currently 240,000 euros per week, the same as the salary that Liverpool player Tiago receives. Ronaldos salary reaches 500,000 euros in his current club, Manchester United, at the age of 36. Manchester City star Kevin De Bruyne signed a new contract with his club, according to which he receives a weekly wage of 400,000 euros.

Salah’s agent, Rami Abbas, reviewed the two examples in front of Liverpool FC during the negotiations. So far, the club’s response to Salah and his agent’s demands has been clear: No!

“I know Salah wants to stay,” said club coach Jurgen Klopp. “We want Salah to stay. That’s what we are now. These things (contract renewal negotiations) take time, I can’t change that. Sorry. I think they (the negotiations) are in place.” Good”.

A few days ago, Mohamed Salah told GQ magazine, that the renewal of the contract is not in his hands, but in the hands of the club now, as they “know what I want .. I do not ask for crazy things.”

Egyptian football star Mohamed Salah is fighting for the “best” award given by the International Football Association (FIFA) to the best player of the year.

Salah is competing this time with Argentine Lionel Messi, the former Spanish star of Barcelona, ​​​​currently French Paris Saint-Germain, and Polish striker Robert Lewandowski, Bayern Munich.

Salah was third behind Croatian Luka Modric and Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo in the 2018 edition of this award.


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