To check on your bank certificates… the fact that the central bank will raise interest rates next month


The Monetary Policy Committee of the Central Bank of Egypt, at the beginning of next month, will hold its first meeting during the new year 2022, and it will discuss an important decision regarding interest rates, and their significant impact on individuals and various sectors.

Factors that control the increase or stabilization of the interest rate:

It is also expected that there will be no increase in interest rates, by the Central Bank of Egypt, where there are several factors that control the decision to stabilize or increase the price, including inflation rates, while the Statistics Authority announced today, Monday, about the rise in the inflation rate, which contradicted analysts expectations.

Analysts also suggested about this matter, that the rise in the inflation rate is due to the increase in food prices globally, and the increase in global supply, which is reflected on the local market, and also the central bank’s movements are subject to the decision of the US Federal Reserve.

While the global investment bank, Goldman Sachs, revealed that expectations indicate the possibility of the Federal Reserve increasing the interest rate 4 times during the current year, as the actual moves begin with the start of the second half of 2022.

Expectations of fixing interest rates from the Central Bank:

It is expected that the Central Bank will fix the interest rate at its next meeting, and that choice is the most appropriate at the present time, which is the opinion of Radwa Al-Suwaifi, Head of Research at Pharos Investment Bank, especially that the bank has not made any increase in interest rates over the past year.


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