Transportation: Implementation of the first 10 stations of the BRT bus system on the ring road


Today, Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, held a meeting with Lieutenant-General Kamel Al-Wazir, Minister of Transport; To review the position of a number of projects currently implemented by the Ministry at the level of the Republic, in the presence of Major General Hossam El Din Mustafa, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Authority for Roads and Bridges.

The Prime Minister began the meeting by emphasizing the great importance the state attaches to road and axle projects, along with the electric train network system that is currently being implemented, which represents a great cultural shift, which contributes to achieving comprehensive development.

During the meeting, the Minister of Transport presented a summary on the current implementation position of the Nile axes projects that are being established at the level of the Republic, as well as the projects of the express electric train, the monorail, and the development of the ring road.

With regard to the current situation of the Nile axes projects at the level of the Republic, Lieutenant General Kamel Al-Wazir explained that 38 bridges were implemented before 2014, and in 2014 planning began to establish 29 new axes on the Nile until 2024, and according to this plan, since 2014 until now the completion of Implementation of 13 axes, and 16 axes are underway and planned, and the axes of Gerga, Tama, and Dayrut are completed, bringing the total in 2024 to 67 axes/bridges, including 31 axes/bridges in Upper Egypt and 36 axes/bridges in the Delta region.

As for the Upper Egypt axes as well, the Minister of Transport indicated that it is planned that 5 axes will be implemented in the Upper Egypt after 2024, between Dahshur / Al Wasti – Al Fashn / Bani Mazar – Minya / Mallawi – Luxor / Esna – Edfu / Kalabsha) ; Bringing the total Nile axes to 72 axes by 2030.

With regard to the Nile axes in the delta, the minister indicated that before 2014, 24 bridges were implemented, then planning began in 2014 to establish 12 new axes on the Nile in the delta; Since 2014 until now, 5 axes have been implemented, namely: Talkha, Banha, Al-Khatahtbeh, Tahya Misr and Helwan, pointing out that 4 axes are currently being implemented, which are Tala, Abu Ghaleb, Samanoud, and Shabrakhit, noting at the same time that there are Several future axes to link urban communities and governorate centers in the delta region.

During the meeting, the Minister of Transport also dealt with the implementation rates of the comprehensive development project for the ring road around Greater Cairo, stressing that works are being carried out around the clock to complete them according to the specified time plans, pointing to the start of the implementation of the first 10 stations of the BRT rapid bus system, which have been completed. Completion of the preparation of architectural and construction drawings.

Lieutenant General Kamel Al-Wazir also touched on the rapid electric train network system that will cover all parts of the republic, stressing that it will contribute, in addition to being development arteries serving new and existing urban and industrial areas, in reducing and shortening the travel time between governorates for more than half the time that the citizen currently takes, whether through the train network. Old or via the current roads linking the provinces.

In this context, the Minister of Transport briefed the Prime Minister on the implementation rates of the monorail project, and also gave an overview of the position of civil works, which include implementation, procurement and design, in addition to electromechanical works, pointing out that the construction works of the track and stations are currently being implemented at high rates of implementation, as is being carried out. Manufacture of equipment and tests are conducted on them successively, and supplies of electromechanical equipment are carried out.

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