Truck runs over a Sudanese immigrant in northern France


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An 18-year-old Sudanese immigrant died Saturday morning in Marc, near Calais, in northern France, after he was run over by a truck he was trying to climb to reach England.

A judicial source told AFP that the young man “tried to climb into a truck” but “fallen and run over”, confirming information reported by the local newspaper “Noor Littoral”.

The source explained that the accident occurred “at the exit of a heavy truck fuel station.” The ambulance teams intervened at eight oclock and it was found that the young man died at the place at 8:45.

The police station in Calais was entrusted with an investigation “to determine the identity of the truck driver and find its plate” because the latter “did not notice the fall of the migrant and did not stop.” Surveillance camera tapes located nearby will be viewed.

Migrant also spent Friday trying to reach England by boat. It is the first death recorded in the English Channel this year.

On November 23, 27 people died due to the sinking of their boat in the worst tragedy in the Channel, which has become a pilgrimage for migrants trying to reach the English coast using rickety boats.

These attempts have increased since 2018, after the closure of the port of Calais in northern France, as well as the tunnel that crosses the Channel, which migrants used to take by hiding in cars and trucks.


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