Turkish Defense Minister comments on Saudi Arabia and Egypt’s rapprochement with Greece


Turkish Defense Minister comments on Saudi Arabia and Egypt's rapprochement with Greece



Turkish Defense Minister, Hulusi Akar.

Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar considered that his country should observe “impartially and coolly” the rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and Egypt on the one hand, and Greece on the other.

Akar said, during a meeting with journalists today, Saturday, in response to a request to assess the “recent rapprochement of Egypt and Saudi Arabia with Greece”: “These developments must be monitored impartially and carefully, we must be careful and sensitive while maintaining a cool nerve.”

He clarified that this development is not cause for concern in the event that the large amount of information that was marketed is deliberately ignored.

He said, “The point we have reached with the UAE is known to everyone, and in the next stage we will see what the relations with Saudi Arabia and Egypt will lead to.”

Source: “Anatolia” + agencies

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