TV this evening.. “A young man to cross” The modern teacher is the best job in the fruit market


The television programs on Sunday evening dealt with many important issues and topics that concern the Egyptian citizen and public opinion.

– A young man in Obour marketThe modern teacher is the best job.

The Seventh Day TV camera spotted during a tour of the Obour Market, a young man in the Obour Market, the modern teacher, worked the best job in the fruit market.

Hassan Magdy Abu El-Ela, an apple dealer and importer in the transit market, says that every place has terms, meanings, and a method of buying and selling..

Local development: We instructed the governors to raise the degree of preparedness due to bad weather

Khaled Qassem, a spokesman for the Ministry of Local Development, said that as a result of the bad weather conditions, the Minister of Local Development, Mahmoud Shaarawy, directed the ministry’s operations room to closely follow the developments of the situation around the clock, and also directed the governors to deal quickly with any emergency events..

Qassem added in a telephone interview to the “Life Today” program with the media, Lubna Assal via Al-Hayat channel, that the Minister of Local Development stressed the governors to raise the degree of preparedness and to deal immediately with any accumulations of water that might fall with rain, continuing: “We aim to quickly withdraw water, and we emphasized the heads of Cities and neighborhoods are constantly present.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Local Development explained that there are directives to the governorates to conduct periodic reviews of lighting and cooperation between all vital sectors in the Egyptian governorates, and to raise awareness to stay away from all electricity poles and trees for fear of any accidents due to bad weather conditions, and motorists are also emphasized to avoid walking. At high speeds for fear of accidents.

Comprehensive health insurance: The system provides nearly 3,000 medical services

Hossam Sadek, Executive Director of the General Authority for Comprehensive Health Insurance, said that the new system covers nearly 3,000 medical services, and those in charge of it seek to include everything that can benefit the Egyptian citizen, and he continued: “We have experts in the field of health art, in addition to the presence of Foreign experts from the International Monetary Fund and the World Health Organization use all means and update the list that works on adding new services or adjusting their prices in order to raise the level of services provided to citizens“.

And Sadiq added, during a phone call to the Citizen’s Program presented by the media, Sayed Ali, that President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi has reduced the time period that aims to cover all parts of the Republic with comprehensive health insurance, and he continued: “This will be achieved before 2030.“.

Sadiq stressed that the new health services covered by the comprehensive health insurance include new analyzes that were not provided in the previous systems, and all of them are required for some treatments related to tumors and others, and some operations related to marrow and organ transplantation have been added.

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