Twitter Communities arrives Android 4 months after its debut


Twitter communities are topic-based groups that made their way to iOS and the web last year. In the latest version of the Twitter app on Android, you’ll be able to find groups related to your interests and chat with like-minded people, according to an engadged report.

There are diverse interest communities like Botanicals, Skincare, Space, Design, Fashion, Xbox, R&B, and you can share yours if you want to be a part of that conversation without disturbing your followers.

And while users can’t create their own community as easily as they might, say, a Facebook group or subreddit, they can suggest a new community they’d like to create and moderate, and Twitter says it will consider them as it adds more communities.

And Twitter has a status following its other plans for communities in 2022 for one reason that it’s looking at a third type of membership that goes beyond invite-only and open-to-all formats, where users can request to join, admins and mods can let them in or deny the request, and there’s also a timeline in the pipeline. Categorized (although a timeline will still be available), Q&A, and mods methods to highlight some of the best content in the community.


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