Two students were imprisoned for 4 days on charges of killing a university security supervisor who refused to enter them without their cards


The Sahel Public Prosecution ordered the detention of two university students for 4 days pending investigation, on charges of killing a security supervisor at a university branch, because they refused to enter the university campus on a motorcycle, in addition to their failure to carry university cards.

The beginning was when Cairo Investigations officers received a signal from a hospital, stating that a security supervisor had arrived at a branch of a university, and he died of his injuries, and another security member was seriously injured.

Immediately, the security men moved to the hospital, and it was found that a security person died and his colleague was injured in a quarrel with two students, after the first victim prevented them from entering because they had no carnets in their possession and they were present on a motorcycle. and injured.

By making the necessary ambushes, they were arrested with the motorcycle, and when confronted, they confessed to the crime.

All necessary legal measures were taken against the accused, the necessary report of the incident was issued, and the Public Prosecution office was notified, which ordered the detention of the perpetrators pending investigations.

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