USA: Gunman takes hostages in Texas synagogue (video)


USA: Gunman takes hostages in Texas synagogue (video)

USA: Gunman takes hostages in Texas synagogue

A gunman took hostages at the Beth Israel synagogue in Colville, Texas, on Saturday, according to tweets from Colville police and BNO News.

Colville Police stated that SWAT teams had arrived, and that all residents in the vicinity had been evacuated, and called to avoid the area.

The media reported that the police began negotiations with the hostage-taker, and his identity has not yet been determined.

She indicated that the gunman stormed the synagogue during a live broadcast, where he was heard saying: “I will die”.

According to Colville Police, there have been no casualties at this time.

The White House confirmed that President Joe Biden is following the latest developments in the synagogue.

It is not currently known how many people are there, as the gunman entered during Saturday prayers, as the synagogue has more than 1,600 members.

Source: American media

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