Very shocking details… The night that Shams Al-Baroudi’s blood was wasted because of a scene in a movie that was banned from showing… (Paradise can’t be sweeter than this)


Kings Jamil Al-Baroudi, born in Giza Governorate, October 4, 1945, originates from Syria. She has seven siblings. She is one of the artists who enjoyed a distinguished artistic talent. Her life was full of bold roles. .

After completing her studies in French schools, she studied at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts, but she left it after two years to devote herself to acting. She was initially known as Shams Al-Muluk before changing it to be known as Shams Al-Baroudi.

The beginning of her artistic career, she began her artistic career through the movie “Husband for Rent” in 1961, and a year later she presented “Dunia Al Banat”, and in 1965 she participated in presenting “She and the Men” and “The Punishment”, but the audience knew her after Soad Hosni’s friend appeared in the movie “Night”. The wedding” in the same year, and with Hind Rostom in the movie “The Nun”, and her date with the championship was in 1966, through the drama series “The Bitter Honey”, in which she presented the absolute starring.

Her name is synonymous with seduction

Shams Al-Baroudi is considered one of the stars whose name has been associated with seductive roles, which she succeeded in presenting, and she participated in films, including “Hammam Al-Malatili”, “Pleasure and Torment”, “Amusement Street”, “She and the Devils”, “The Woman Who Beat the Devil” and “Bad Woman” reputation”.

She participated with her husband, artist Hosni Youssef, in many works, whether he represented or directed her, including “Love Journey”, the first tournament that brought them together, “Coward and Love”, “Was Love”, “Happy Marriage” and “Papa Last Who Knows”. …and other great works of art.

Preventing her films from showing and Salafi sheikhs wasting her blood

Some of Shams al-Baroudi’s films were prevented from showing at the time, and some Salafist sheikhs shed her blood because of the movie “Hammam al-Malatili” because of a sentence she said to the artist Muhammad al-Arabi, “Paradise cannot be sweeter than this.”

Hassan Youssef and Shams Al-Baroudi

Shams Al-Baroudi married for the first time to Prince Khaled bin Saud in 1969 and at that time received the title of princess, but the marriage ended in separation after only three months.

But the divorce took place two months later due to the differences between them and Hassan Youssef’s desire to retire Al-Baroudi and devote herself to married life. After the divorce, she lived a love story with director Hossam El-Din Mustafa, and the duo began preparing for marriage, to everyone’s surprise by her return again to Hassan Youssef, so that the marriage continues to this day, where she gave birth to Nariman and Mahmoud Omar and Abdullah.

Retirement and announcing the repudiation of her deeds

In 1985, Shams Al-Baroudi announced her final retirement, and she had worn the hijab and kept away from the spotlight. England after the London bombings.

And she was traveling for her daughter there. Immediately after her retirement from art, she published an advertisement on the page of an Egyptian newspaper, declaring her disavowal of her deeds and wrote: “Whoever harms a Muslim is harmed by God, and whoever hardens a Muslim, God will harden him.

The Messenger of God was right.. Mrs. Shams Al-Baroudi announces that the films she is shown now or in the future are all old films that were filmed many years ago, and she also announces that she retired from art permanently after returning from Umrah since February 1982. God suffices and He is the best agent.

Shams Al-Baroudi was offered to present some religious programs for imaginary numbers, but she refused to return to the spotlight again despite the return of her husband, Hassan Youssef, who presented some artwork for a while.

Shams Al-Baroudi announced in one of her meetings that the artist, Shadia, called her to tell her that she decided to wear the hijab, and that she also stood next to her during the death of her mother, the same thing with the artist Madiha Kamel, who announced her retirement and the veil, as well as Hala Fouad.

Despite her retirement from art and her disavowal of her films, she did not prevent her son Omar Hassan Youssef from acting. Also, the daughter of her older sister Nevan decided to enter art, the artist Ghada Adel.

Shams Al-Baroudi revealed in a previous interview that her sister died and Omar Ghada was 3 years old. Sun.


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