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May God have mercy on the colleague, friend and great media person, Wael Al-Ibrashi, who passed away a few days ago after a long suffering with the Corona virus.

I know Wael El-Ibrashi from the nineties. I used to work in the “Al-Arabi Al-Nasiri” newspaper near his place of work, and in the “Rosa Al-Youssef” magazine, in Al-Ainy Palace. He was one of the young stars in the battalion led by the great journalist Adel Hammouda, who had a distinguished experience and at a time when the Egyptian press experienced a golden period of diversity, creativity and freedom of opinion. The majority of colleagues who worked in Rosa, El Araby, or party newspapers at this time became shining stars in the skies of the Egyptian press and media.

I remember very well that he and I joined the Syndicate of Journalists in one committee in 1994 with a large group of colleagues who were very late in joining the Syndicate due to strange and strange factors, and on that day we were very happy.

Wael was distinguished in his bold journalistic investigations, which erupted hot issues in many fields, from art to politics, through to social life.

Wael was a supporter of the school of journalistic excitement, and he had an important experience in the “Sawt Al-Umma” newspaper, and an unfinished experience with the newspaper “Al-Sabah” with the late Ahmed Bahgat. Even when he abandoned the written press, his style of work continued, especially on the “Al Haqiqa” program on Dream Channel, during which he blew up many hot social issues, and clashed with the forces of extremism, violence and superstition more than once.

Personally, I am not a fan of the school of excitement in the profession in general, but I testify that Wael managed to reach a large number of audiences that many media professionals were unable to reach.

In many celebrations, occasions and events that brought us together, especially in the street or outside Egypt, I used to see many simple Egyptians gathering around him, loving him, and asking to take photographs with him.

Days passed, and Wael moved to the “Ten Evening” program on Dream Channel in its glory to replace the great journalist Mona El-Shazly, in the most important Egyptian TV program for years. The program is important and influential before the program and the channel end together.

One day, during the security forces storming of the Journalists Syndicate in 2016, I was a guest on the Wael program with many guests, including Major General Farouk al-Megrahi, and the program lasted from ten until dawn, and some still remember this episode due to its heat and the diversity of opinions in it between supporters and opponents, or those with a point of view. third. At that time, I was among those opposed to the intrusion, and I remember that Wael, despite his attempts to be neutral as a moderator of dialogue, did not hide his bias towards his profession, even with his disagreement with some journalist colleagues.

I communicated with Wael a lot, during the journey of his illness, and I saw him once at the Suhoor table last Ramadan. The effects of the disease were quite clear on him, he came in an ambulance and left in it, and when he got out of it there was someone walking behind him carrying an oxygen tube, he was trying hard to talk, talk and share, because he was never used to silence, but the lack of oxygen was clear.

We were happy more than once, when he was telling us that he would be back soon. About three months ago, I traveled to Upper Egypt, and my father, may God have mercy on him, told me, “I want to check on Wael’s health.” I called Wael and told him, and he spoke with my father at length, and a few days before my father left, he also asked me about him, so I told him to pray for him.

There was a lot of frequent and completely incorrect news about his death, and every time I was keen to contact him, but a day or two later, so as not to link the communication with this despicable news.

I do not understand how a journalist writes the news of the death of a person without being completely sure, and I do not know how there can be those who gloat about death?!!

May God have mercy on Wael Al-Ibrashi and put him in peace, and my sincere condolences to his family, colleagues and lovers.

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