Washington welcomes the arrest of hackers from the REvil group in Russia


Washington welcomes the arrest of hackers from the REvil group in Russia


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The US administration welcomed the arrest of Russian security services hackers from the group REvil on charges of launching cyber attacks on American institutions and companies.

A senior official in the US administration said that Washington “does not know the motives behind these steps,” noting that the United States does not consider this matter to be related to the tension over Ukraine.

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Russia announces the arrest of a hacker group at the request of the United States

He pointed out that the hackers arrested in Russia will not be extradited to the United States, but Washington expects that they will appear before the court in their country.

The Russian Federal Security Service had announced the arrest of a number of members of the REvil group, which the United States accused of launching several cyber attacks against American companies and institutions.

Source: Interfax

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