Watch .. dangerous tsunami waves after the eruption of an undersea volcano in Tonga


An underwater volcano erupted off Tonga on Saturday, raising tsunami warnings in a number of Pacific countries, and video coverage on social media showed waves storming homes.

The US Pacific Tsunami Monitoring Center said that “dangerous tsunamis” were caused by volcanic activity in Tonga.

He added in a statement that American Samoa is threatened by fluctuations in sea level and strong ocean waves that may pose a threat to beaches in coastal cities.

Tonga, located in the Pacific Ocean, issued a tsunami warning after an undersea volcano erupted.

A video clip, posted on social media, showed large waves hitting the beaches in coastal areas.

Tongas meteorological services said a tsunami warning was in place across Tonga.

In New Zealand, the emergency department issued a tsunami warning.

Saturday’s eruption was the latest in a series of spectacular eruptions from the Honga Tonga Hung Hapai volcano.

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