Watch Samira Ahmed’s transformation from a stark beauty into a real zombie, and her last picture, after she exceeded eighty years, shocked everyone who watched it.


Egyptian producer Safwat Ghattas, husband of actress Samira Ahmed, shared his followers and friends on Facebook with the artist’s latest photo to deny rumors about her death.

Safwat Ghattas published the latest picture of Samira Ahmed while she was in a sports club, and commented: “Today in Al-Jazira Club…because of the bad news that was circulated on Facebook from fake accounts claiming that Samira Ahmed is not well…and this is completely wrong… Praise be to God. She is fine and in good health, and may God grant her long life and good health.”

He also published a picture of Samira with her daughter, Jalila, and transmitted statements by Jalila, in which she denied her statement to any media outlet that her mother had undergone surgery.


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