Watch.. this artist was deceived by the director.. by filming a hot scene.. so he turned into reality and assaulted her and slept with her in front of the camera despite her loud screams?


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>Director Bernardo Bertolucci, director of Last Tango in Paris, admitted that the rape scene of Maria Schneider in the movie was a real scene and was not an act.

And he said in previous statements that he agreed with Marlon Brando, as it was his idea of ​​that scene on the morning of filming it without informing her of the rape that he arranged together.

It is a scene whose viewership on YouTube rose, exceeding 2 million views, and the director added, through a video that is being circulated, that he wanted the scene to appear naturally.

The viewer sees the humiliation on Schneider’s face, who was crying and screaming in a real way and not acting, which prompted many stars to condemn the situation and express their anger, including Jessica Chastain and Chris Evans and other stars.

The movie “Last Tango In Paris” was shown in Paris in 1972, and then caused a sensation around the world, and movie fans lined up in front of the halls in France to watch this shocking movie.

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