WhatsApp is testing the ability to transfer chats from Android to iOS devices


A recent report revealed that the WhatsApp messaging app is testing the ability to import chat from Android to iOS phones, as the company already launched the feature to migrate chat history from iOS to Samsung and Pixel phones last year.

The feature was discovered on WhatsApp beta for Android, and the report also shares a screenshot showing that WhatsApp will ask for user permission to import chat history before starting the process, and explains that the Move to iOS app will be necessary to migrate chat history from Android to iOS.

The feature, according to the report, is currently in development, will be made available to beta users in a future update and will be rolled out more widely later. As of now, WhatsApp supports Samsung-branded Android devices running Android 10 or higher to transfer chat from an iOS device.

As for the data that can be migrated, the company says it will include voice messages, photos and videos, and will not include peer-to-peer push messages and call history.

When setting up a new device, you will be given the option to securely transfer your conversations from your old device to your new device, this process will require a USB-C to Lightning cable, Samsung SmartSwitch app version or higher on the new device.

And users must be running WhatsApp iOS version or later on their old devices and WhatsApp Android version or above on the new device. Before this feature, it was difficult for Android and iOS users to migrate chat history between different devices.


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