With a blunt and sexy look, Mia Khalifa is still practicing her identity by igniting instincts and publishing loud pictures… so she received a very unexpected frontal bombardment?


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>Mia Khalifa, the former porn actress, published a group of photos and videos of her through her personal account on the social networking site.

Mia appeared in the first picture, wearing a formal green suit, standing in the kitchen without wearing a shirt and a bra under the blazer, and her chest revealed scandalously.

Mia posted another picture, in which she was dressed in black, hanging on to a truck, and attached a video clip she had taken from a party she was watching.

The audience interacted greatly with the publication, and expressed their admiration for Khalifa and their love for her, indicating that Mia had more than a million and a half likes on her publication.


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