With a hot scene, she appeared completely without clothes and with a cunning trick by the director.. Learn the story of the only movie that Suhair Ramzy regretted and wished to delete!


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>She appeared for the first time in cinema when she was six years old in the movie (Supremat newspaper).

She worked in the prime of her life as an air hostess and model, then she turned to film work in the late 1960s,

In the seventies, she was considered one of the most important symbols of seduction in Egyptian cinema, among her works (Miramar, who can love Aziza, forbidden on the night of the wedding, a girl named Mahmoud, the world of children’s children).

She retired from art and wore the hijab in 1993, but she returned several years later to acting, but this time with the hijab through the TV series (Habib Al-Rouh).

As is customary in the life of every artist, there are many works that he succeeded in and were satisfied with, and others that he regretted working with, and wished to delete from his history.

In one of her artistic dialogues, Suhair Ramzy said: “I am happy with all my artistic career, and it is enough that I have presented works with the biggest stars at the level of acting, directing, writing and photography, and contemporary art giants, such as Kamal El-Shennawy, Mahmoud Morsi, Farid Shawqi and Imad Hamdi, and I participated in works with them and this is an honor for me. ».

She added: “I do not find mistakes in my artistic life except for some works that I was not satisfied with despite their great success, such as the movie “The Sinners” by Naguib Mahfouz and starring Hussein Fahmy, Imad Hamdi, Kamal Al-Shennawi and most of the big stars. I can delete it from my history, I will delete it for sure.”

And she continued, “I do not deny that there are films that were classified as temptation films, and I feel upset if they are currently shown, but in the end they are part of my history. I may be dissatisfied with it, but I embodied it and calculated it for me, and time cannot be changed to choose what suits us after our age and the difference in our personality.” So, what is the story of the movie “The Sinners”, what happened with it, and why does Suhair Ramzy wish to delete it permanently?

During the filming of the movie “The Sinners,” Suhair Ramzy provoked a major crisis with director Saeed Marzouk, accusing him of deceiving her in the film, and deliberately showing her naked in one of the scenes, against her will, especially after the major attack on the film, because of its bold scenes, which even sparked a crisis for censorship of artistic works. At the time, its president, “Mottoos Etidal,” was prosecuted because the censors allowed the film to be shown, with its daring scenes.

The crisis did not stop with this movie, but the crisis between them resurfaced again because of the movie “Saving What Can Be Saved”, as after the start of filming, Suhair Ramzy withdrew from participating in the work because of a daring scene of her, which she did not agree to film, which is What angered Marzouk, and caused a quarrel between them.

Suhair Ramzy said at the time: “When I first read the script of the film, I was surprised that it included a scene in which I am imprinting the “Eagle Seal” on separate parts of my body, which I completely rejected because I found it inappropriate.”

She explained: “When he spoke, he said that Egypt was working on this scene, and I told him that I insisted that I was not complete, after which Saeed Marzouk sued me for refusing to continue filming the film, after I had gone a long way in it, and the matter ended with assigning my role in the film to the late artist Madiha Kamel. ”


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