With a torn piece of cloth..Handa Artichel loses her mind and provokes everyone and shows her chest clearly..in the rudest photo session on the planet!


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>The Turkish actress, Handa Archil, topped the social networking sites, during the past hours, after she published a group of recent photos of her bold photo session, through her official account on the Instagram website.

The star of the series You Knock on My Door appeared in the pictures from a cave in Turkey, wearing a red “top” with short shorts, exposing her chest and stomach.

Her look was not the only thing sexy and daring, but rather her way of taking pictures, as she opened the buttons and zippers of the shorts and swayed with excitement. She only commented on the pictures with the symbol “Fire”.

The modern and daring pictures of the artist Handa Archil crossed the barrier of two million and three hundred thousand likes a few hours after their publication, and the followers expressed their admiration for her beauty, and her boldness.

A video spread on social media for the stars of the series “You’re Knocking on My Door”, Handa Archil and Karam Bursin, in which they appeared to bid farewell to the audience of the series after it ended.

The video includes Handa thanking the followers for watching the work, but Bursin interrupted her, saying: “A minute, maybe I want to participate in something else, tell them how much you love me.” Archil replied, “I said it is good that you are there, my partner.”


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