With the rudest look.. and with unusual boldness, Handa Archil is a star..you knock on my door..her breasts come out while she is drunk and stir the instincts of the audience?


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>The pioneers of social networking sites and some pages interested in the news and looks of the Turkish actress Handa Archil shared some pictures that drew attention with her beauty and daring,

Among them is a photo that Handa had previously published on her Instagram account, in which she appeared in a sexy white look, a white top that resembles a bra, and white shorts, revealing her entire thighs and chest, wearing white sports shoes, and lowering her hair.

When she posted it, Handa Archil’s picture in white gained more than 2.8 million likes and hundreds of comments, many of which were Arab followers who flirted with her beauty and charm, while some criticized her for her bold looks.

The Turkish actress, Handa Archil, had sparked reactions earlier because of her daring appearance at her boyfriend’s birthday party, in which she wore a red swimsuit, with an open chest, and open-buttoned jeans, and she was drunk, and had to delete the photos because of the attack she was subjected to.

It is reported that Turkish star Handa Archil had a love affair with actor Karam Bursin, after they co-starred in the series You Knock on My Door, and the duo is keen to publish photos of their gathering during vacations and trips together, amid the interaction of the audience, who wishes them to continue the relationship and marriage.


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