With unusual boldness… The beautiful actress, Sherine Seif Al-Nasr, exposes the hidden one in public: This is what Adel Imam did with me, he neglected nine years of my life and made me regret it!


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>A sensation caused by the artist Sherine Seif Al-Nasr, after she stated that nine years of her artistic life had gone during her presentation of the play "Body Guard" with the artist Adel Imam.

She explained that a large number of her fans and fans believed that she had moved away from the artistic scene, but in fact she had spent nearly 9 years during which she had participated in the play Body Guard, which was the last theatrical work of the artist Adel Imam,

A large group of stars, including Raghda and Lucy, and a large number of artists who are accustomed to the participation of the artist Adel Imam in his theatrical works, participated in the championship.

Sherine Seif Al-Nasr added that this play consumed a lot of her energy, in addition to the fact that she did not film the play, and this caused her to be in a bad psychological state, so she did not appear on the artistic scene after that.

Sherine Seif Al-Nasr is preparing to return to the artistic community again

Sherine Seif Al-Nasr confirmed her return to artistic work again, but not this period, considering that the last period was a truce,

And that she is currently reading a number of dramatic artworks, and she will decide her decision to engage in them during the coming period.

It is worth noting that the artist Sherine Seif Al-Nasr appeared on the media scene again during the past weeks after she was robbed by one of her friends, who used to visit her home on a daily basis and trusted her blindly.


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