Witness: The first appearance of the star’s second wife, Samir Ghanem, shocked the audience. The surprise was that he had children other than Donia and Emmy!


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>The late artist Samir Ghanem is considered a comedian not only in Egypt, but also in the Arab world.

Over the course of his artistic career, the late artist Samir Ghanem presented many characters in cinema and drama that made him one of the kings of comedy and laughter over many years.

Among the information that many do not know about the artist Samir Ghanem is his association with one before the artist Dalal Abdel Aziz, and at that time was at the beginning of his artistic career, but his marriage with her did not last long. Samir Ghanem,

He said in a previous interview on the “Everyday” program, with the journalist Wael Al-Ibrashi, and via the One satellite channel, that he married a Somali woman in his youth who admired his art and attended all his plays.

And that their marriage lasted for only one year and they separated after that because of different temperaments. He added that the one who encouraged him to marry her was his friend, the late guest artist Ahmed, and that he tied the knot with her when he was a member of the “Three Stage Lights” troupe.

The artist Samir Ghanem was associated with the artist, Dalal Abdel Aziz, after their meeting in the play “Welcome, Doctor”, and revealed in more than one television interview that she was the one who requested him to marry.

And he gave birth to his two daughters, the artist, Donia and Amy, who fulfilled his wish, which he did not authorize, to enter the artistic field.

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