You will not believe who the daughter of the late Omar Hariri is.. a famous artist who started acting at the age of 60 and is currently participating in an important role in this series!


Early marriage, having children and residing in Alexandria are all factors that made Merit Omar Hariri give up her dream of working in the artistic community, to renew again and return to the series The 45 Rules of Divorce, which is currently shown on screens and electronic platforms.

The artist, Merit Omar Al-Hariri, had hoped to appear in some artworks, but in small roles at her request, saying during a recent press interview: “I was an actor for a long time, but I entered the field of acting late last year only.”

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Merit Hariri appears in “The 45 Rules of Divorce”

Merit Hariri plays the role of the mother of the artist, Engy, presented in the series “The 45 Rules of Divorce,” which is currently being shown on the Shahid digital platform.

The 45 Rules of Divorce series, starring Engi El-Mokadam, Engy Abu Zeid, Hedy Karam, Sally Shaheen, Omar El-Shennawy, Sherif Hafez, Sedky Sakher, Hassan Abdullah, Nada Rahmi, Jihan El-Shamsherji, Merit Omar Hariri, script and dialogue by Ahmed Saad Wali, Ibrahim Saber, Ahmed Salah Khattab, produced by S-PRODUCTION “Sally Wali”, and the series directed by Mustafa Abu Seif.

Merit Hariri: I used to work with the artists who worked with my father

Umniah, the artist Merit, wished to achieve by participating in a work of art that includes artists who worked with her father before his death: “It was a great honor for me, because I participated in an important work involving a group of prominent artists.”

Merit Omar Hariri also revealed that her father refused to help her work in the artistic field, so she began acting at an old age after his death, and went to the casting offices in search of roles in series and films.

The story of the artist Merit Hariri’s entry into the acting field

The artist Merritt was not lucky to complete her educational career: “Children and living took me busy and when they grew up, I thought why I should not work in myself, I entered acting workshops because my age was not allowed at the institute, I participated in small roles last year at my request, and I made a silent scene in betrayal of Ahed.” .

Omar Hariri’s daughter and her victory journey with cancer

Actress Merit Omar Hariri, who revealed her 60-year-old age, talked about the stage of her cancer and said that she did not tell her children about her illness before entering for surgery, explaining that she was able to defeat her illness because she considered the disease to be a gift from God, and she received her ordeal with satisfaction and did not grieve afterwards. knowledge of her illness.

She pointed out that she was attending acting workshops after receiving chemotherapy sessions, and in response to whether she would continue acting, she said: “If I have acceptance with people, I will continue acting, and if I don’t have a biography, I will dismiss her.”

Omar Hariri’s advice to his daughter

Actress Merit Omar Al-Hariri revealed during her talk about her father’s will for her, and said that he asked her not to put him in an embarrassing situation because of any behavior that she does, stressing that she is committed to his will, in addition to her commitment to his request for discipline while driving her car.

Information about the artist Merit Omar Hariri

She was born on May 17, 1961.

She married early and had children, which caused her artistic work to be delayed.

Her father refused her entry into the acting field until after completing her studies.

She stayed away from the spotlight, but did not forget her dream until she was 59 years old, and began participating in artwork.

The most famous of her works, between 2020 and 2022, are: The Salem Collection series, Betrayal of the Covenant, Eyewitness, Civil War, The 45 Rules of Divorce, Hekaya, and the trace remains from the Except I series, and Dido, which is now shown in cinemas.

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