Zamalek “Kasban” in the departure of Mostafa Fathi


Zamalek resolved the file of Mustafa Fathi’s departure to Saudi cooperation for one million dollars, after Fathi adhered to professionalism in the name of securing his future and with reasoning, the Zamalek administration agreed to fulfill the player’s desire, especially since his contract expires after only 5 months, and he is currently entitled to sign for any club.

After Mortada Mansour, President of Zamalek, officially announced the approval of Mustafa Fathi’s departure, the white audience was divided between supporters of the decision, considering that the player would leave for free at the end of the season, and achieving a financial gain from selling it is better than leaving for free or staying without incentive and without a desire to stay, and another opinion rejects Mustafa Fathi’s professionalism in Saudi cooperation; Because there is a constraint crisis in the white team, and all its stars must be preserved for the need for him in the African Championship and the League.

In fact, Mustafa Fathi concluded with Saudi cooperation officials a while ago, after they offered him a large sum of money in the season, amounting to 30 million pounds per season, and all Zamalek’s attempts to persuade him to stay failed, as well as Carteron’s position that was decisive in the fate of Mustafa Fathi that Zamalek owns More than one player in the same position and there are no technical problems from his departure.

And Carteron’s words were the distinguishing mark; Because he reassured the Zamalek administration about the player’s departure, which brings many logical benefits to the club, the most important of which is obtaining a financial compensation of up to one million dollars (16 million Egyptian pounds) in exchange for the remaining period in the player’s contract, which does not exceed 5 months, and this amount will be important in extending the contracts of some stars The team with whom serious negotiations are taking place, headed by Tariq Hamed, Muhammad Abu Jabal and Mahmoud Alaa.

And with the social media’s concerns about the player’s agreement with Al-Ahly and the fact that the cooperation is “a bridge only”, Mustafa Fathi was decisive, and announced his approval of a clause in his departure that prevents him from playing in Egypt except for Zamalek, which he declared to leave quietly.

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