10 guests appeared in the “Ramez Movie Star” promo, including Hoda Al-Mufti | news


The unveiling of the teaser promo of the pranks program “Ramez Movie Star”, which is awaited by the public every year to witness the guests who fall victim to it.

A number of guests appeared in the program’s promotional promo this year, and the following is a list of the most prominent victims of the program:


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here ascetic
Hoda Al-Mufti, who fell victim this year for the first time in Ramez Jalal’s programs
Hanan Mutawa
Amr Youssef
Mohamed Saad
Hamou Beca
Naglaa Badr
Solomon Eid
Hamdi Al-Mirghani
Mohamed Mahmoud

The announcement begins with Ramez Jalal’s voice and his definition of fear and panic, as he said, “Fear is the feeling that results from danger, and when the danger approaches, the greater your fear will increase, while panic is the feeling that your end is near.”

The advertisement also showed the atmosphere in which the events are taking place, which is a desert, mountains, and many firecrackers, as well as a crocodile used to incite fear in the hearts of the stars.

The advertisement also concluded with the appearance of Van Dam and the participant in this year’s Ramez Jalal program

Van Dam spoke in Arabic and answered Ramez Jalal’s question about his new hair color, and that he hoped the audience would like it to respond with one phrase, “God willing.”

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