10 seconds separated us from the World Cup and there are Algerians who rejoiced in the failure


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Djamel Belmadi, coach of the Algerian national football team, confirmed that he will decide his future at the head of the “Greens”, stressing that the failure to reach the Qatar World Cup 2022 was very painful and sad for him as a person and for the Algerian people as a whole.

Algeria lost the bet to qualify for the 2022 World Cup, after losing 2-1 to its guest, Cameroon, on Tuesday evening, in the second leg of the decisive qualifying round for the World Cup, although it won the first leg with a goal without a response.

In the press conference that followed the match, Belmadi said in response to a question regarding his future: “I will assume my responsibilities, there will be decisions in the future. The important thing is not personal, but the national team. It is wise to think carefully and evaluate the work that has been done before making any decision.”

He added, “We were 10 seconds away from qualifying for the World Cup, and then suddenly we were eliminated, this is very painful and sad. Today we are all collapsed, I am very sad for the Algerian people, for the families and fans who moved to the stadium in the early hours, and also for my children who love the national team so much.” .

He continued, “With all due respect to the Cameroon national team, I do not think that the best team qualified for the World Cup. We controlled the match and created many chances, what could we have done more?”

Belmadi expressed his regret for some players who may leave the team due to their age, noting that there are others, “Ken Nasser, Zrougui, Touba, and Boudawi, who are able to advance the team and carry the torch to what is better.”

Belmadi criticized the African rulers and said that they “do not respect” his country in reference to unfair decisions, accusing some Algerians, including journalists and critics, of working against the national team’s interest, and that they “will be happy for this exclusion.”



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