3 days after the slap… Chris Rock’s first statement


And (variety) news site said that rockwho mocked the shaven head of his wife will Smith, Jada SmithHe broke his silence three days later, when he spoke publicly for the first time about the incident on a comedy show.

Rock repeated “Oh, ok”, the two spontaneous words he uttered in expression of surprise immediately after the slap, at the start of a comedy show in New York City. Boston in the state of MassachusettsWednesday evening.

The audience greeted the 57-year-old Rock with a standing ovation that lasted for two minutes, and the comedian broke the applause by saying: “Let me do my show.”

Then, referring to the slapping incident, he said, “I don’t have much to say about what happened at the weekend (at the time of the incident), if you came here to hear something about it, I have a presentation I wrote before this weekend.”

He said he was still thinking about the slap incident, so “sometime I’m going to talk about this nonsense, and it’s going to be serious and funny.”

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