6 dead in Tel Aviv, after shooting at a shopping mall


Tel Aviv witnessed a shooting attack, in a shopping center, which resulted in the death of 6 people as a preliminary outcome, according to what Russia Today reported.

The Israeli police spokesman mentioned three shootings in Tel Aviv, one of them in a mall in the Ramat Gan area of ​​Tel Aviv.

The police indicated that it was not certain that the attacker was killed in Bnei Barak, who shot from a motorbike.

In this context, she confirmed that 4 cases among the injured in Bnei Barak are hopeless.

The Israeli police stated that the background of the shooting in Bnei Brak was nationalistic and “commando”.

The police announced that the operation in Bnei Brak and on the border with Ramat Gan was not over yet.

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