7 1/2 hour gap in Trump’s phone activity the day his supporters stormed the Capitol raises suspicion in Congress


  • Anthony Zurcher
  • BBC North America correspondent

Donald Trump

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Trump lost the last presidential election to Joe Biden

The official White House phone records on January 6, 2021 showed a gap in then-US President Donald Trump’s phone activities of seven hours and 37 minutes.

Coinciding with this gap, the Capitol Building (Congress) was attacked by Trump supporters.

A bipartisan congressional committee of inquiry fought a protracted battle to gain access to presidential phone records to gain insight into the activities of the president and his aides that day.

Records showed the president had calls with at least eight people that morning — including former White House adviser Steve Bannon and former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, who were coordinating attempts to reverse President Trump’s defeat, according to recordings obtained by The Washington Post and CNN. BBC News, the BBC’s media partner in the United States.

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