7 tips for taking care of the mental health of orphaned children


The world celebrates on the first Friday in the month of April every yearWorld Orphan DayMany simple people and elites from the people of politics, art, literature and thought visit orphans, present gifts and participate in the celebration of this day.

The idea of ​​celebrating the orphan and dedicating a day to him was launched by the British “Star Foundation” in 2003 AD.

In Egypt, one of the charitable societies is considered one of the most concerned with the orphan.

In 2003, one of the volunteers from the association suggested setting aside a day to ask about the orphan, to bring joy to his heart, and to draw the world’s attention to the orphan’s emotional and material needs.

This idea received great support from public figures and the Ministry of Social Solidarity, and in 2006 the charity obtained an official decision to allocate and celebrate an orphan’s day by the Council of Arab Ministers of Social Affairs in its twenty-sixth session.

In 2007, the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States agreed to sponsor a conference organized by the Charitable Society for the Care of Orphans.

Thus, the idea moved from the Egyptian domain to the Arab domain, so the first Friday of April became a day dedicated to celebrating orphaned children.

Tips for dealing with an orphan

1- Kindness, gentleness and kindness, patience and endurance, and not comparing him to others.

2- Occupying his time with useful activities and works.

3- Dealing with him as strong and not weak, as he walks in life without a father, yet he may succeed and excel.

4- Enhancing positive behavior by thanking, praising and praising the orphan child, and rewarding and honoring him for any achievement, no matter how small.

5- Dealing wisely with his mistakes and identifying their causes, as some errors may result from the nature of growth such as excessive movement, and other errors may arise from a psychological need such as doing some work for the purpose of attracting attention to satisfy the need for appreciation.

6- Dedicate a part of your time to him, by listening to him, speaking with him good words, and giving him an opportunity to express his opinion.

7- Caring for the orphan is not limited to the day of the orphan only, but the introduction of joy and happiness to the orphan’s heart by every legitimate means at all times.

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