A beauty queen.. like a mermaid from heaven. They watched the first public appearance of Hani Salamas wife, whom he hides from the media and art, and his daughters grab attention with a charming divine beauty!!


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>We always find a large number of first-graders putting a closed cover about their personal lives, especially marital life, and this is what the artist Hani Salama does with his wife, Berrihan, who has little social appearance.

The Egyptian artist does not publish any picture with her or his children, as many artists do, even his rare appearance on any artistic occasion is alone and not accompanied by his family.

The first time that the Egyptian artist appeared with his two daughters in a public event, it was at an entertainment event held in Egypt, accompanied by his wife and two young daughters, “Maryam and Malika,” while they attended a promotional party for a real estate institution in Egypt.

Hani Salamas photo with his two daughters caught the attention of his followers and shocked some of them as well, especially since a number of them are still in their minds that Hani Lazlatas two daughters are in childhood and not youth. .

Since his marriage to Brihan, he has been keen to follow this method and keep his family away from the eyes of the cameras and always preserve their privacy, as he succeeded in this greatly, and no photos of them were spread except rarely.

And the absence of Hani Salamas wife from appearing with him, except rarely, was arousing the curiosity of the public, as what most caught the public’s attention was that Brihan did not resort to plastic surgery, while the wives of celebrities called to make cosmetic changes, so that she did not even resort to putting a lot of makeup that changes her features.

We also note that Brihan Al-Sharif does not change her look or hairstyle, even on occasions, she always intentionally appears with the same natural and flowing hair look.

In their wedding photos, we find that Brihan looked much thinner, but her features did not differ, and it has been 15 years since the marriage of Hani and Brihan Al-Sharif, where they married on November 16, 2006 and had two daughters, “Maryam and Malika.”


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