A bill to expedite the entitlement of bonuses and increase pensions before the House of Representatives


Discusses the Parliament Headed by Counselor Dr. Hanafi Jabali, in its plenary session today, Tuesday, the report of the joint committee of the Manpower Committee and my office of the Plan, Budget, Defense and National Security Committees, on a draft law to expedite the date of entitlement to periodic bonuses, granting a special allowance to those not addressed by the Civil Service Law, and increasing the additional incentive for state workers, And by deciding a special grant for employees of public sector companies and the public business sector, and increasing civil and military pensions.

In its report, the joint committee indicated that incentives are a basic requirement for workers within organizations and administrative institutions because of their positive impact on administrative creativity and the flow of work. securing the lives of families with low incomes; and pensioners, and the spread of the negative effects of the Corona pandemic on the labor and employment markets since its inception to date; This necessitated moving within the framework of the available tools to mitigate these effects, in addition to the emerging effects against the background of the emergence of political tension with the so-called “Russian-Ukrainian war”; While its repercussions appeared in the decrease in the purchasing power of the local currency, and the acceleration of the approval of monetary benefits as one of the tools within those available to the executive authority; To confront the monopolistic methods practiced by some undisciplined traders in the field of selling basic commodities that the citizen needs on a daily basis.

The philosophy of the draft law aims to expedite the approval of monetary benefits from bonuses and increases in pensions as of April 1, 2022 instead of July 1, 2022, and to raise the prescribed percentage of the periodic bonus to 8% instead of the 7% established periodically, and to preserve the earnings of workers through the incentives report. The financial cut is no less than what was previously approved in the previous projects granting bonuses, and the maintenance of the categories of workers addressed in the draft law; Which has expanded to the extent of the previous cash benefits legislation to include all categories of workers involved in such projects.

The cost of early pensions is 10 billion pounds, and according to the legislation, the periodic bonus for those addressed by the civil service law will be increased to 8% instead of 7.%Increasing the special bonus for workers not addressed by the civil service law to become 15% of the basic wage instead of 13%, approving a monthly increase for the additional incentive for workers who are addressed and not addressed by the provisions of the civil service law with cut-off financial categories as of April.

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