A bird nests in the hair of a British woman for 84 days!


T + T – normal size

For a bird to live on your head and between the locks of your hair, this is an indescribable feeling. Where a British woman lived an experiment, perhaps the first of its kind, where a small bird nested in her hair for 84 days, according to the New York Post.

Hannah Bourne-Taylor, photographer and copywriter, said: The Guardian“Every day, he made little nests in my hair, on the groove of my collarbone, which made me feel terrible.”

She added: “He would put himself under a curtain of hair and gather individual tufts with his beak, and carve them in a circle of woven locks, in the form of a small nest, and then settled inside, he would start over every day.”

“After a very bad thunderstorm (September 2018), I found a little bird – a bronze-winged sparrow – barely a month old, on the ground, abandoned by its flock, its eyes tightly closed and shivering, the size of my little finger,” Taylor continued.

She noted that “he woke up the next day with his mouth open and screaming of hunger, and I fed him until he climbed a hair and he stayed for 84 days.”

Eventually the sparrow grew strong enough to join its flock.


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