A doctor raises a storm .. “Those who do not have friends do not get corona”


while still Corona It takes a large part of our lives and interests, a doctor from South Korea caused an uproar and controversy because of a comment that is not strange.

The Vice President of the South Korean Vaccine Association, Ma Sang-hyuk, claimed that people who have not been infected with the emerging virus so far likely do not have friends, and may suffer from personal problems!

Ma Sang Hyuk wrote his opinion on Facebook last week. However, he quickly deleted it after the publication sparked widespread criticism after it was widely circulated, according to the “Sky” network, quoting Korean newspapers.


Days later, the doctor “justified” his Facebook comments, saying they had been misunderstood.

He added in press statements that he was stressing how difficult it is for anyone to avoid the virus in light of a situation in which a high percentage of confirmed cases prevail in the region.

(Emoji from iStock)

(Emoji from iStock)

This came as South Korea recorded 400 thousand and 741 new cases Corona On March 16, the day Ma Sang Hyuk posted his comments.

The country is set to remove nearly all social distancing restrictions in the coming weeks.

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