A fall in his history.. Learn about the only movie that the leader Adel Imam suffers because of it until today and wishes to delete it at any cost!!


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>Leader Adel Imam is the longest-lived star in terms of his presence on the screen, especially in the arena of stardom. He managed to change his artistic skin more than once, and remain on the throne of stardom for more than 40 years.

The leader presented nearly 200 works between cinema, theater and drama, and he only regretted one movie. He wishes he could go back in time so that he would not perform this role, which he sees as a failure in his history.

On the other hand, the leader, Adel Imam, was keen to mourn the artist Ahmed Halawa, who passed away, Friday, after being infected with the Corona virus.

And the artist, Adel Imam, published a picture of the late artist, on his official page on the social networking site Facebook, and commented on it: “Farewell, the mighty artist Ahmed Halawa.”

This appearance of the leader comes after rumors circulated recently about the deterioration of his health and his death.


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