A headset that isolates you from pollution and the world.. It purifies the air up to 99%


Dyson Air Technologies has unveiled the first headphones based on its expertise in the air, which works with Bluetooth technology and can cancel noise, targeting residents of crowded cities who want to avoid pollution.

and come Headphones The large plush head with a plastic mask that connects from ear to ear via a mask over the mouth, which makes the wearer look like a sci-fi movie, or a Mortal Kombat movie.

The mouth and nose mask provides fresh air while at the same time treating noise pollution through active noise cancellation technology, according to the newspaper “The Guardian” and seen by “Al Arabiya.net”.

“Air pollution is a global problem, and wherever we go it affects us, and this tool was invented to purify the air we breathe on the go,” said Jake Dyson, chief engineer at Dyson.

He added, “Unlike face masks, the new headset provides a column of fresh air without touching your face.”

The design includes a motor, a compressor fan, and a dual-layer air purifier filter, and draws air through the filters to clean 99% of particles as small as 0.1 microns, including pollen, bacteria and dust, as well as gas pollutants such as sulfur or nitrogen dioxide.

The filtered air is then pushed along the inside of the visor, which meets directly against the mouth and nose without contact with the skin, creating a pocket of clean air for the wearer to breathe in.

The headphones contain sensors that detect the speed at which the wearer is moving, and automatically adjust the air flow between 3 levels of intensity to make sure they deliver up to 5 liters of clean air per second, which is the amount of air a person needs when jogging.

An air quality sensor on the left earcup monitors pollution levels in real time and sends data to an app on your phone and tells you when to replace filters, which are changed up to a maximum in about 12 months of use in Europe or less in the most polluted environments.

The mask has adjustable sized arms and is attached to the headphones via a magnet that can be detached or moved so that it falls to the wearer’s chin, turning off the fans to allow them to talk to others.

The Dyson headset also offers an additional mask attachment that sits between the eyebrow and the face, including the FFP2 filter, which was developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, it uses active noise-cancellation technology, similar to that found in Bose, Sony, and other popular headphones, which includes microphones to monitor the sound of the outside world and circulating compressors on either side of the wearer’s head to remove it via anti-acoustic waves played into the ear cups.

The battery lasts up to 4.5 hours at the lowest air purification rate, or 90 minutes at maximum power, while it can work up to 40 hours when used as headphones only, and fast charging has been added via a USB-C connection that can charge the battery to 60% in 20 minutes .

The price of the headset, due to be released next autumn, will range from 500 to 1,000 pounds.

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