A health crisis keeps Bruce Willis from acting.. know the details


CNN revealed that Bruce Willis has announced a health problem that will make Willis take a break from acting, as his daughter Rumer stated that he suffers from a medical condition that affects his cognitive abilities. He was recently diagnosed with aphasia, affecting his cognitive abilities.

And the family stated in a post via Instagram that “Bruce suffered from some health problems, and it was found that his condition was recently diagnosed as suffering from aphasia, which affects his cognitive abilities.”“.

The family of the star of the “Die Hard” series added: “Therefore, after careful consideration, Bruce is stepping down from this profession that was so important to him.“.

It is noteworthy that Bruce’s last work is the movie A Day To Die directed by American director Wis Miller and produced by Vertical Entertainment, Capstone Group, Andrew van den Houten and others, a movie written by Rab Berry and Scott Mallace, a movie co-starring Egyptian star Mohamed Karim.

A health crisis keeps Bruce Willis from acting

A health crisis keeps Bruce Willis from acting


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