A legend in her divine beauty.. The first wife of Abu Hashima and the mother of his children surprised the audience.. In her first appearance, she missed the beauty of the artist Yasmine Sabry and Haifa Wehbe!! (look at the pictures)


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>The Egyptian businessman, Ahmed Abu Hashima, has turned into a fertile material for the various media, which have become monitoring all his movements and activities, especially after his marriage to the Egyptian actress Yasmine Sabry in April 2020.

Recently, many media outlets and social media pioneers published pictures of Abu Hashimas first wife, and her children, despite his keenness to keep them away from the media.

Many believed that Abu Hashima did not marry before Yasmine Sabry to Haifa Wehbe only, and that he had no children, but the recent photos surprised them, and changed all their beliefs about Abu Hashima and his private life.

Abu Hashima appeared in the pictures that witnessed widespread circulation on social media, as he mediated with his sons, “Omar and Youssef”, who wore black formal suits while attending an event.

As for “Abu Hashima’s” first wife, whose name is “Abeer”, she was his colleague at the university during his studies, and he married her at the age of twenty-two on the advice of close people, in order to settle and focus in his working life, according to what Abu Hashima said in a television interview with the media. The Egyptian Youssef Al-Husseini.

The pictures of “Abeer” showed that there is a common denominator between the three wives of “Abu Hashima” in terms of dark black hair and brown skin.

Some of the tweeters on social media went on to say that the first wife looks more beautiful than “Haifa Wehbe, and Yasmine Sabry”, and has natural beauty features devoid of makeup and artificial beauty, according to them.

Abu Hashima, aged 45, had been married three times, the first time he married his colleague at the university, and they gave birth to Omar in 2000,

That is, he is now 20 years old and plays in the Al-Ahly youth team, in addition to another son named Youssef. In 2009, Abu Hashima married the Lebanese artist, Haifa Wehbe, in a legendary wedding, and separated from her in 2012, and they did not have children.

In April 2020, the Egyptian businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima married the Egyptian artist, Yasmine Sabry, and the owner of this marriage was a sensation, and the duo became the talk of the various media until today.

Abu Hashima is considered one of the most prominent businessmen in Egypt, and has many social contributions, and has received many official and popular awards and honors.


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