A “sad message” from Mohamed Salah… and a hint of international retirement


And he said Mohamed Salah Inside the dressing room after the match: “I told the players before the return leg that I am proud to play with them and they are the legs of the people I played with.”

He continued, “I caught some time with the previous generation with Wael Gomaa And Muhammad Abu Trika, then Abdullah Al-Saeed and the next generation, and happy with the current generation.”

Salah stressed, “I am proud to play with you, and it was an honor for me, and what happened, no one can interfere in it because it is a penalty shootout for the second time.”

Salah concluded his message: “There is not much I can say, but it was an honor for me to play with you, whether I was there after that or not.”

interrupted Egyptian Minister of Sports Ashraf Sobhi Salah in his message, saying: “You will be there.”

Ashraf Sobhi

Prior to Salah’s speech, the Minister of Sports addressed a speech to the players of the Egyptian national team after the loss from Senegal in appendix World Cup qualifiers 2022.

Sobhi said inside the team’s dressing room: “We never give up, what happened happened. We have a stable board of directors for a number of years and a good technical staff, and you did what you had to do.”

And he demanded in a video published by the official spokesman for the Minister of Sports: “There is a difference between fracture and sadness. We will not break despite the sadness. Talk to the fans and we will build on that, and I ask you not to be broken.”

“The team’s age is young, and we want to have a cohesive team, and we still have a lot ahead,” he continued.

Meanwhile, Jamal Allam, president of the Football Association, said: “The next is better, and we have a respectable technical staff and male players, and we will continue the journey.”

Mohamed Elneny

For his part, the Arsenal player explained that the loss of Senegal and the loss of qualification for the World Cup “is a lesson that we learn from today.”

Speaking with the Minister of Sports, Elneny said, “It is our right to grieve. The players are men and gave everything they had.”

“This is our dream, and we must be sad that it was not achieved,” he added in a video posted by the Sports Minister’s spokesman.

He continued, “It is a point from which we must start, and the next will be better, and we will learn from today’s lesson.”

Egypt had lost to Senegal in the final of the African Nations and World Cup qualifiers by penalty kicks on both occasions.

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