A school bus overturned on the Joseph Tito axis in Nozha, injuring the driver and 2 supervisors


Traffic density appeared after a school bus overturned on the Joseph Tito axis, which resulted in the injury of the bus driver and 2 supervisors.

The emergency operations room received a report from the designated services in the Joseph Tito axis in Al-Nozha, of a traffic accident, and the detectives immediately moved to the place. About the incident to reveal its circumstances.

The Traffic Department has put in place many commandments to avoid accidents during citizens’ trips, on the roads, especially while they are traveling for holidays.

The list of commandments included the following::

Periodic maintenance of cars, which enables its importance in preserving the lives of motorists.

Checking the validity of tires or brakes may lead to no accidents.

Do not race and drive at crazy speeds on the roads.

Adhere to the specified speeds on the axles to prevent the car from rolling over.

Avoid being distracted by other than the road so as not to lose focus while driving.

Avoid passing cars while on the road.

The driver’s adherence to traffic rules while driving on the roads.

Pay close attention to the car at the intersection in case of turning.

Anticipate sudden changes in walking, focus well, and quick-wittedness in dealing with any emergency.

Do not use narcotics while driving to prevent accidents.

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