A shock that shakes the entire artistic community.. the exposure of the true religion of the journalist (Amr Adib), which he hid from those close to him, and the big surprise is how many marriages he has!!


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>Amr Adib, the Egyptian media, his religion and whether he is a Muslim or a Christian, he is the husband of the media, Lamis Al-Hadidi, and the son of the late scriptwriter Abdel Hai Adeeb

And the brother of Imad El Din Adib, husband of the artist Marwa Hussein, and Adel Adib, the husband of the artist, Manal Salama, the sister of the artist Sherif Salama, the husband of the Egyptian artist, Dalia Mostafa.

His children, his story with Basant Youssef, the horoscope, his life story and full information about him and his career and the most important programs he offers,

The details of the accident and his health condition, all that and more, we will address through this article and some photos.

Information about Amr Adib

Full name: Amr Abdel Hai Adeeb.
Nickname: Amr Adib.
Born: October 23, 1963.
Age in 2021: 57 years old.

Astrological sign: Scorpio.
Place of Birth: Al-Mahalla Al-Kubra.
Egyptian nationality.
Religion Muslim.
Profession: Media and journalist.

Marital status: Married.
First wife’s name: Amani Soka.
The name of the second wife: Lamis Al Hadidi.
Number of children: 2.

The children’s names: Khaled, Noureddine.
Career start: started in 1999.
Years of activity: since 1999 until now.

Amr Adeeb accident
The great journalist Amr Adib was exposed to a terrible accident on the evening of Tuesday, February 16, 2021. The accident came during Amr Adib’s return from his program “The Story”.

Amid the bad weather in the country, the front of the car was completely smashed, and the accident took place near the Dahshur link in the 6th of October City. Investigations proved that the accident was the result of a collision.

Amr Adib’s car was accompanied by a car loaded with gas pipes. The investigation team moved to the scene of the accident and was transferred to Dar Al Fouad Hospital. His car was also seized. The cameras were checked to ascertain the circumstances of the accident and who was responsible.

She moved to Dar Al Fouad Media Hospital, Lamis Al Hadidi, to check on her husband’s health.

And the necessary tests for him to make sure that there is no internal bleeding, and some sources also reported that he is in a stable condition, and for her part, Lamis confirmed that her husband is suffering from excruciating pain, but he is recovering and will return to his fans soon,

She also stated: “I want to reassure all the people who ask about Amr Adib after the difficult incident that I was exposed to last Tuesday evening.

Because the car he got stuck in, and the one that stopped suddenly, was loaded with gas stoves, and it could have exploded at any moment.”


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